Wow! An Israeli government minister speaks the truth!


Israel in is on its way to becoming a state ruled by neo-fascists. By Alan Hart - Sabbah Report § Who was it? Justice Minister and chief negotiator (with the Palestinians) Tzipi Livni. What did she say? On 9 May she said on Army Radio that Israeli settlements were to blame for the failure of … [Read more...]

Palestinian Collaboration Overshadows Latest Talks


Was the "fix" in? by Jeff Blankfort - Sabbah Report § Shortly after the signing of the Oslo accords between Israel and the PLO in 1993, the Jerusalem Post ran a cartoon that depicted a critical aspect of those accords which has rarely been discussed much less acknowledged. In the cartoon, a smiling … [Read more...]

Targeted killing could become a game for all

Targeted killing could become a game for all

...if we fail to nail the warmongers Assassination Bureau revisited By Stuart Littlewood - Sabbah Report § Secret mafia-like cabals are systematically wrecking our planet to feed their greed. They do so with impunity and without regard to human misery. An enormous backlog of war criminals still … [Read more...]

Will Abbas be Followed by Dahlan or Barghouti?


Mohammed Dahlan was the U.S./Israel imperium's chosen operative assigned to punish Hamas for winning a free and open democratic 2006 election. Does Israel want President Abbas replaced by Dahlan? By James M Wall - Sabbah Report § The headline on a New York Times story sounded innocent … [Read more...]

Abbas Versus Dahlan – Collaborator Versus Agent


It is a little appealing to let PA leader Mahmoud Abbas and former Fatah strong man in Gaza Muhammed Dahlan batter each other in public as they have been doing recently. By Khaled Amayreh - Sabbah Report § In the final analysis, both don't belong to the realm of saints, to put it extremely mildly. … [Read more...]

France Lies for Israel

French Republican Guards transport Arafat's body to a military airport on November 11, 2004. Arafat died in a Paris hospital that day at the age of 75. Polonium poisoning killed him. Switzerland's Radiophysique (SR) analysis proved it.

Overall French/Israeli ties are longstanding. France's ambassador to Israel, Patrick Maisonneuve, said President Francois Hollande "is a close friend of the State of Israel." Netanyahu said both countries work closely together "to advance and deepen bilateral strategic and economic relations." The … [Read more...]

Israel’s chemical arsenal under new scrutiny

Israel's Dimona plutonium nuclear reactor

A plan to inspect and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons has focused new attention on Israel’s undeclared WMDs Israeli officials are reported to be increasingly nervous that international efforts to destroy of Syria’s chemical weapons might serve as a prelude to demands on Israel to eliminate its own, … [Read more...]

The 1993 Oslo agreement

Oslo agreement

10 September 1993: Israel and Palestine reach historic agreement Israelis recognise the unelected PLO as legitimate representative of the Palestinian people while Yasser Arafat accepts Israel's right to exist. … [Read more...]

Palestine a new UN member?

Palestinian schoolgirls hold pictures of President Mahmoud Abbas with Yasser Arafat, flowers and olive branches during a rally supporting the Palestinian UN bid for observer state status, in the West Bank city of Nablus, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012. (AP Photo/Nasser Ishtayeh)

TODAY, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas will formally request the UN General Assembly to vote on Palestine's application for an observer member state. This comes exactly 65 years to the day after the General Assembly voted to partition Palestine between its native inhabitants and new … [Read more...]

Arafat’s Body Exhumed

Yasser Arafat shortly before his death. Source: Russia Today

On November 27, Arafat's body was exhumed. Samples were taken from his remains and surrounding soil. Tests are being conducted. International experts are involved. Earlier evidence proved he died from radioactive polonium poisoning. Tests will check for all possible toxic substances. Israel had motive … [Read more...]

At least Mr Palestine is in good company

Yasser Arafat (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)

So they have dug up the old boy at last. Irony of ironies. All his life Yasser Arafat feared assassination, and with good reason. The Israelis tried to bomb him from the air in Beirut in 1982 – but someone tipped 'Mr Palestine' off, and the Israeli bomb merely killed all the civilians in the building. Many … [Read more...]

Abbas’s Declaration Equals Balfour’s Declaration


On November 2nd 1917 the then British Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour, had promised the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland his country's help to establish a Jewish home land in Palestine. This is known as Balfour Declaration. Last Friday, the ninety fifth anniversary of this shameful … [Read more...]

Remembering Abu Jihad and why, really, the Israelis killed him

Abu Jihad with Yasser Arafat in 1987. Photograph: Mike Nelson-Nabil Ismail/AFP/Getty Images

More than 24 years after the event, and to prevent a battle with the newspaper in the courts, Israeli military censors cleared for publication by Yediot Ahronot a truth – that it was Israeli commandoes who, on 16 April 1988, went all the way to Tunis to murder Abu Jihad, the co-founder with Arafat of Fatah … [Read more...]

Fatah Israeli Collaborators

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by Stephen Lendman | Sabbah Report: Call it an open secret. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, unelected Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, and like-minded Fatah officials collaborate with Israel's occupation harshness. At least since Oslo, they served Israel at the expense of their own … [Read more...]

A Marriage of Morons: Romney and Netanyahu

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ONCE UPON a time, President Richard Nixon wanted to appoint a certain lawyer to the US Supreme Court. "But the man is a complete moron!" one senator exclaimed. "So what," answered another, "There are a great many morons in the US, and they have a right to be represented in the court as much as any other … [Read more...]

Is Palestine a lost cause?

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A long version of the headline question would be something like this: Given that in the 46th year of Israel's occupation of the West Bank Jewish settlers are continuing to consolidate their hold on the territory's land and water resources by stealing more and more of both, thus demonstrating not only … [Read more...]

Newt Gingrich: ignoramus, cheat, cynic or all three?

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My God, what a bizarre lot these Republican aspirants for the US presidency are! What a sorry bunch of ignoramuses and downright crazies. Or, at best, what a bunch of cheats and cynics! (With the possible exception of the good doctor Ron Paul.)" Is this the best a great and proud nation can produce? How … [Read more...]

Counting the cost of a Palestinian state

By Yousef Munayyer * | Sabbah Report | Since the Palestine Liberation Organisation led by Yasser Arafat recognised the state of Israel over 20 years ago, the general framework for a claims-ending solution accepted by the Israeli and Palestinian leadership has been a deal that would create a … [Read more...]

Palestine is the key to Arab democracy

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Protesters in Egypt and Tunisia can learn from events in Palestine, the region's barometer for reform By Sam Bahour* | Sabbah Report | Current events in Egypt and Tunisia have the entire region and beyond glued to their television sets. The all-too-spoken-about Arab street has risen, … [Read more...]