In the Media

This is my media archive. Here is some stories from Mainstream Media about Sabbah Report. Some are complete interview transcript, others are just a mention or ‘criticizing’ :-)

Sorted by date (newest first):

  1. Romanian Media (June 2010):
  2. OhmyNews (8th Jan 2009): ‘The Gaza Crisis Is Underreported’ – Blogger Haitham Sabbah outlines his take on the current conflict in the Middle East

    The ongoing Gaza conflict, however ugly it may look, reflects a scenario that the world has become accustomed to. Throughout the conflict, Haitham Sabbah , a a blogger who identifies himself as “an uprooted Palestinian blogger” has been providing the world with alternative information from the mainstream media about the crises through his blog, Sabbah.

  3. Arab News (6th Jan 2009): Citizen journalists report on Gaza – From Bahrain, Haitham Sabbah, an “uprooted” Palestinian activist and blogger, is working to organize and coordinate information on the Gaza situation. Sabbah was as born in exile in Kuwait and has not been allowed to visit Occupied Palestine since 1986.

    “Pro-Palestine Bloggers are facing a challenge to educate their readers and fill in the gap that the main stream media, specially the Americans, are ignoring intentionally as we witnessed during the war on Lebanon in 2006, and is evident now in Gaza,” commented Sabbah.

  4. BBC (17 November 2006): African bloggers’ verdict on al-Jazeera – Sabbah’s Blog is also full of congratulations:
    “It looks to have more focus on Africa, which is something new to me. We hardly know about our neighbours – thanks to local and international media.”
  5. Washington Post (12 November, 2006) New Clicks in the Arab World: …“Several years ago, Arabic blogs in the Middle East could be counted on one hand,” said Haitham Sabbah, Middle East editor of Global Voices Online, a media project sponsored by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. “Today, they are in the thousands and are becoming a new source for news and information.”
  6. BBC Arabic (August, 2006): Hasan Nasrallah and Bloggers.
  7. BBC Arabic (25 July, 2006) – On Lebanon/Israel war and the reaction of some Arab bloggers
  8. My interview with AFP, talking about blogging in Arabian Gulf.
  9. Here is my interview with JO magazine (a Jordanian magazine). talking about blogging in the Arab world. Download file here. (PDF)
  10. Sabbah in the Spanish Media: Spanish newspaper. Lali Sandiumenge writes at Avui means Today in Catalan, the language that they speak in North-East of Spain (Catalonia). Here is the full interview transcript, part of which was published on Sunday, Oct 23, 2005 edition.
  11. Blogging in the Arab World: With Italian media. This is the transcript of my interview with Paola Caridi – a correspondent of Lettera22, an Italian news agency which collaborates with the leading national weeklies and dailies. The interview was early Oct. 2005.
  12. Sabbah in the Christian Science Monitor: He is part of my interview with Charles Levinson – Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor, who interviewed me over the phone while I was in Jordan (he was in Egypt). Interview date was early August 2005.
  13. My BBC Arabic World Service Interview: This was aired few times over BBC Arabic World Radio Service. May 2005.
  14. Slate, a division of Washingtonpost.Newsweek say that Criticizing the U.S. media for ignoring this story, Sabbah’s Blog’s Haitham Sabbah, a Jordanian of Palestinian origin, fulminates. My post here. June 2005.
  15. Mentioned by Business Week Magazine, referring to an old post at Sabbah’s Blog. April 2005.
  16. My mentioned on Ammannet. This transcript is here. March 2005.
  17., and Featured in Al Hayat and Al Wasat Newspapers. March 2005.
  18. Among other bloggers, Sabbah’s blog mentioned in an interesting article by Dr.Ahmad Moghrabi at Daral Al Hayat, Dr. Moghrabi talks about the lessons learned from bloggers and their fast reaction to Tsunami disaster
    Jan 2005.